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To the Equality network,

I have previously advised you about the Government's attack on the Equality Act and whilst Teresa May stated that she wasn't seeking to repeal the Act there has been a further development.

I am now sending you the latest info re the "Red Tape Challenge" website provided by the Equality and Diversity Forum who we work closely with.  You will note the date when we need people to respond on the site.  Liane Venner, Head of Membership Participation, has asked members to please respond as individuals (rather a UNISON response).

The "Red Tape Challenge" website

  • There will be a three week ‘spotlight' period on equalities on the Challenge website starting on June 9th (not 16th as the site had previously suggested)
  • During the spotlight period the questions asked about equality on the site may be more specific than the current questions
  • It will be particularly important for organisations and individuals to post to the site during the spotlight period even if they have posted already
  • Government hope to appoint an external facilitator to help to stimulate debate during the spotlight period and this person may organise particular events (on the site and in other settings).  There may be some targeting of the business press.

We've done really well to get so many positive responses on the Challenge site already but it looks as if we will have to gear up to mobilise again from June 9th-30th